End-Of-Busy-Season Celebration Ideas

It's almost here: the end of busy season. I know-- it's hard to remember a time when you weren't working excessively long hours to meet deadlines and everything that came across your desk didn't need to be done "right now," but that time existed. And it's almost here again. And it will be time to celebrate. So where do you go when the busy season ends? How do you blow off steam with your employees? What exactly IS the best way to celebrate the end of busy season? We've got some ideas to help you plan your soiree, no matter how big or small, casual or swanky. From San Diego, California to Portland, Maine, we've got festivities for any crowd. 

Brewery: Craft beer is becoming more and more popular in cities across the country. And craft breweries are becoming hot destinations to socialize after work and taste a few different local adult beverages. It seems like new breweries are opening every day and some of the old standbys are better than ever, so for the firm that likes to celebrate all things local, why not throw your end-of-busy-season bash at a local craft beer joint? Your employees will appreciate the unique location and the laid back atmosphere. And a brewery, after a stressful busy season, will be a welcome change of pace. Looking for a craft brewery for your celebration? Give one of these a try: Stone Brewing, San Diego, CA. Ratio Beerworks, Denver, CO, Fat Heads Brewery, Portland, OR,Banded Horn Brewing Co, Portland, ME or Founders, Grand Rapids, MI.

Restaurant with a View: It's been a long road and your employees deserve to be celebrated in style. So plan something a little decadent this year. Something that will impress. Remember when you were holed up in your office for an infinite amount of hours this busy season, without even a moment to look up and glance out the window? Well take your newfound freedom as an opportunity to make up for lost time. Find a restaurant with a killer view and sit back, relax and just take it all in. We recommend: Tampa, Florida's Armani’sBertrand at Mr. A’s in San Diego, CA. Flagstaff House in Boulder, CO. Ivar’s Salmon House in Seattle, WA.Primavista in Cincinnati, OH. Riverpark in New York, NY, or Blu in Boston, MA.

Bowling: For the firm that likes to get a little more wild with the end of busy season, why not go for the old favorite, bowling? Grab a beer and some bowling shoes and loosen up with your coworkers on the lanes. These days bowling allies come in all sorts and sizes. There are the traditional, somewhat grungy ones you grew up going to, and the high end, bells and whistles type in almost every big city in America. We tend to lean toward a little from column A and a little from column B. Try one of these favorites in the city near you: Bowl and Barrel, Dallas, TX, Brunswick’s, Atlanta, GA, North Bowl, Philadelphia, PA, Mission Bowling Club, San Francisco, CA, Garage, Seattle, WA

Wine bar: For a more refined sensibility, try checking out a local wine bar. A lot of urban wine bars are going the modern route, with a hip style to accompany their high end selection of wines. The wine bar as a end of busy season party destination speaks to a multigenerational firm in a way that many other party options might not.  We suggest a few of these spots from cities all over the States: Rootstock Wine and Beer, Chicago, IL, Vino Vino, Austin, TX, a. Kitchen, Philadelphia, PA, Barcelona, Atlanta, GA,Bacchanal, New Orleans, LA

Steak House: Last, but not least, for the hearty appetite of the firm carnivores, try these suggestions on for size. A nice steak dinner goes a long way to saying 'thank you for all your hard work.' Take your employees out on the town to one of these primo steak joints and they are sure to feel good about the busy season behind them. Make a reservation at one of these spots and end your busy season satisfied: Oliver's Prime, Los Angeles, CA, Red PrimeSteak, Oklahoma City, OK, Golden Steer, Las Vegas, NV,Murray's, Minneapolis, MN, Bern's, Tampa, FL