RegroupTAX is on a mission to simplify tax compliance work through an integrated platform of technology, people, and services.


We started out as most accountants do and worked in the tax department of a local CPA firm directly out of college. We put in the hours and climbed the ranks. Things were going well until we stopped and asked ourselves a simple question:

Why are we doings things this way? 80 hour weeks during tax season...for what?!

At the time, we didn't know how or what, but we knew that we wanted to change things. Our vision began to manifest, changing from a firm-level concept to something of global scale. It we have this idea, why couldn't we take it, build it...bigger, better and share it with the world?

So we did. For four years we spent every waking second developing a model for CPAs to eliminate data entry and focus on high-level tasks. Out of a way to service our clients, we built a proprietary cloud-based app to help tax preparers achieve our goal in a paperless environment. We learned business lingo such as SEO and Social Media Strategy and we circled back and forth on who we were and where we were heading. And when you look at things on paper, overall, we were pretty successful in our endeavor. But we wanted more for the industry.

Then it hit us. The software we built is badass, so why not share that with the world and let them run with it? So here we are, offering our cloud-based trial balance app to any business tax preparer that is looking to save time, money and their sanity. We love using the app for our personal business tax work, so we think you will too!

If we've learned one thing from this journey, it's this:

The act of learning is a life-long commitment. No matter how hard you try, you can’t plan and predict everything. However, by staying true to your purpose and holding onto your unrelenting passion for bringing your vision to life, you will make waves.

What We've Achieved

  • Built awesome relationships with our clients and continue to encourage growth within their firms
  • Met amazing thought leaders within the accounting industry that inspire us daily
  • Developed a badass app that we truly believe in and are excited about
  • Pushed ourselves harder than we ever have before (quitting a steady job is no joke!)
  • Grown professionally and have explored an entirely different side of our industry
  • Learned lessons of entreprenuership (the hard way!)
  • Created an awesome team that continues to innovate and inspire
  • Pushed others in the industry to ask "why?"
  • And we're still not done....